Horoscope for a week from 6 till 12 Nov 2017

Horoscopes have helped people to be one step ahead of their opponents. The stars and planets change their mood very often. Astrologers help to interpret the changes and perceive them correctly.

In the period from 6 to 12 November, every person should avoid energy vampires. Of course, if you yourself are not, then this tip is very important for you. Energy will be weakened, and this means that unnecessary energy consumption can have a negative impact on your health and luck. Try to avoid fatigue and to find an additional source of strength and positive emotions.


Of particular importance to you this week will be the Moon. Its negative impact will be most noticeable on 8 and 9 November, when she will be in the Sign of Cancer. More luck to those who are early to bed and early to rise in these two days. If you are a morning person, try not to resist his wishes and desire for early sleep and early rise. The situation is similar, but less pronounced will be on 6 and 7 November, when the Moon will be in Gemini. Later is also better not to lie down these days — it can be dangerous for the mood.

Positive days are coming 10 and 11 November, when the Moon is completely deprived of forces under the auspices of the Lion. You can relax and deal with the most urgent cases, or to relax with friends or noisy events. On November 12, the Moon will move into the Sign of Virgo, which again will lead to negative consequences. Sunday to spend at home, in privacy.


The most powerful amulet against the problems and misfortunes for Taurus this month — family, friends, soulmate. Stay around those who bring you happiness and who radiates goodness. Stay among people who can Rob you of your faith in yourself will negatively affect your luck in General. The reason for all this — a complete lack of activity of Mars during the week from 6 to 12 November. If you’re not looking for trouble on their own, they will not affect your life.

Not to mention Friday, November 10. On this day Mars will be in quickonce with Neptune. Problems this does not diminish, but rather add fuel to the fire. You will be saved from turmoil only by passivity. Try to beware of important cases on Friday. Quit and have a good rest at home to celebrate the weekend.


Mercury, your head coach and assistant, will be on this week very weak and deprived of privileges. He will be in Sagittarius all seven days. It will be a tough time, but you will be able to realize all his faults and decide on further action. Planning for the future will be great for you. Improve the energy of committed purchases over the Internet. Via the Internet better and to learn, if you are in active search of the second half.

7 Nov mercury will be in double aspect with Uranus and Pluto. This day is very controversial and very restless. 10, polyester mercury with Jupiter can guide you astray. It is not necessary to stand idle in the day, but to overload themselves with work and chores around the house is also not necessary. Spend more time in the air this week. Your brain needs oxygen.


The laws of astrology for you this week will work very blurry. You’ll be able to control destiny, so do not pay attention to love compatibility for Zodiac Signs. In love important only your mood, as well as in business, at work. Uranus in Aries will be moderately active, but retrograde. This means that the rules can and should be broken.

The whole week will be hectic, because on 7 November, the Uranium will be biquintile with mercury, the number 9 is in quadrature with the Moon, and 11 double aspect with Moon and Saturn. The first case will be very negative — you can be overtaken by uncertainty and apathy. 9 Nov live will be much easier, since the Moon stabilizes the situation. The number 11 will be like playing tug-of-war. Try to be a strong point.


Money and luck in November for the lions will not be fantastic. The sun, though weak, but negative influence from him either. While it is in Scorpio, you are in no danger, except for its own negligence. Now all concerns and grievances will be fairly straightforward source — they will come to you. Negative emotions will become a magnet for mishaps, doubt spawn even more problems.

Your main task will be to maintain a good mood and work with their own ambitions. Go down a bit on the ground, realize its purpose, its essence. It is not the power, and the aid of relatives. If you are not going to be constructive, then you expect no one will. Try to justify positive expectations of your friends, relatives, other halves. Still it will be a very favorable time in love.


Weak mercury in Sagittarius will help you attain success in love, work and deeds. He’ll be suspended and completely inactive. The most frequently asked questions in times like these — “why?” and “why?”. You need to learn how to avoid the reasons and explanations. Will have a look into the future, forgetting what was behind. Causes now do not play any role, only will power, common sense and dedication are important.

Don’t be impulsive now, especially on November 10, when mercury will be in negative aspect with Jupiter. Try to exercise diplomacy — people will remember your kindness and desire to follow the path of constructive, not destructive. In love Affairs be more romantic and as closely as possible to the wishes of a loved one.


To achieve success in these seven days you will have only under one important condition — if you aren’t lazy. Jupiter will be active in Scorpio, so his negative energy will have a very significant impact on your fortune. Success will continuously elude you, but faith in itself will save you from defeat. The most unusual day of the week — November 10. On this day Jupiter will be in a positive aspect with mercury. It is Friday, it will be possible to catch up and close all your debts before the authorities or loved ones.

In love Affairs the root of the problem may be the empty promises now or previously. In these seven days you can start to reap the fruits of past mistakes. All that was in the past, or will you hang over the grey clouds, or shed a light on you. Don’t be surprised if you have to apologize for what was many years ago, or to re-nice words for the victory.


Scorpios would do well to stop planning things for the future, to attract good luck and prosperity. Focus on the things that you need to do right now. Make them faster will help Neptune in Pisces. This planet is strong as always, so creative energy will for you is quite palpable. You will want to slightly overstep my bounds, which can be regarded as not the most reckless thing to do.

In early November, possible to do what you want, not your boss, your second half or loved ones. “Selfishness to be,” say the astrologers. Only this selfishness is better spent on something useful. Take care of important things which need concentration. No you will not hurt if you will ask you not to disturb.


Your third eye will open this week due to the rule of Saturn. Yes, it has much more negative sides than positive, but intuition will work wonders. Many of you only thing that you need to make it easier to live and to make serious decisions that we will not have to regret. Staying in your Sign of the Zodiac, Saturn will retain a neutral energy, which you can make to go through troubles in love.

By the way, about love. Now, when it is better to be content with what you have, that is, to enjoy solitude or the company of a loved one. Even if your relationship is experiencing not the best period, give a second chance to someone you like, do not cut straight from the shoulder. The trine to Uranus on November 11 will make this day very dangerous for almost any business. Dedicate your time to rest and relaxation on Saturday.


Pluto in your Sign of the Zodiac will rule the roost. His energy is stable and strong, so do not expect from people special help. The most effective way of materialization of desires now — hard work. There is a small chance that everything will happen by itself, without anyone’s help, but you can catch the pleasant and not so pleasant surprises.

People will be unpredictable. Perhaps your enemies will become friends, and friends for a short time will turn into enemies. Every man for himself in any war, love, business, financial. Life abounds, but will have to cope with turmoil on all fronts. Don’t listen to other people’s advice. Only you will be able to find your way to happiness.


Venus takes matters into his own hands. For you this may mean increased tone, good health and great fortune. November 6, Monday, it will stay in Libra will be completed, but the high energy will serve you good. Going into Scorpio, Venus will cease to affect you in any way. This means that everything that you start Monday, you will need to complete later.

At the end of the week possible love failures and problems with communication in General. 11 Nov quintile with Pluto will cause you problems. Trigon with the Moon on 7 November will not affect your life, but the forces I will briefly return to Venus, so Tuesday could be a productive day filled with great luck and good mood. In any case, you will need to work more on myself.


Your spiritual energy will be on top, but only in the first day of the week. This happens due to the high activity of Venus. Then she dramatically falls to the ground due to the transition of the planet from the constellation of Scales the constellation of Scorpion. A special day of the week — Tuesday. The Trigon of Venus with Moon will make you very successful in love. Your goals will be more clear and understandable so use it to the full.

Leave your doubts. Do not think that you can fail. It is typical for people to make mistakes and do something wrong. From 6 to 12 November, try not to miss new opportunities. Think over how to cope with real problems, not with the consequences of poor choices. Any choice will be correct if it is done quickly and deliberately.

The tranquility of the planets this week suggests that the time has come to relax from daily vanity. If you do not have any business in the upcoming period, try to disengage from it all. Relaxation is a great choice for those who don’t want to deal with the turmoil. A change of scenery, if you feel the need.