Horoscope for a week from 28 August to 3 September 2017

The summer came to an end. Horoscope for the coming week will help you to rebuild energy from one season to another. Forces may start to leave you, so proper planning is a great way to combat fatigue.

This week astrologers recommend that all Signs of the Zodiac to show restraint and patience. Not everything will be as easy as we expected. Now comes for all of us pleasant a period of time in which you can try to improve their future through karmic purification. What we have done in the past, you may have a huge weight in the future, so not to lose the connection between cause and effect, especially now.


This week for Aries will be three patron. First we should mention the Uranium that will remain in your Sign of the Zodiac. He will be unchanged and constant the whole time. August 31, Uranus will be in a very negative aspect with your enemy — the Moon. This will mean that all your actions will come back like a boomerang the last day of summer.

Mercury will also be set against you. Until August 30 he will be in Virgo, but then change their nature and reduce activity during the transition in the Sign of Leo. This will mean that luck will follow those of the Rams who will be able to slightly curb your enthusiasm. Become more prudent and learn to listen to people. Otherwise, can begin a series of problems in business, Finance and even love.

Pluto is the third planet, which the Rams will rule the roost. In the case of Pluto, the situation is much more pleasant, because it will retain its stay in Capricorn and moderate activity. This means that you should continue to look for salvation from the problems in communicating with loved ones and people you care about. Solitude and introspection will not save you from internal disharmony.


The moon, Venus and Saturn will compete this week with each other for the right to control your success in all spheres of life. The moon, your best friend and mentor, will almost all the time weak. A particularly negative period will be the period from 31 August to 2 September. In these three days the Moon will be in the constellation of Capricorn, which is completely deprived of power. It will be quite perilous days for you devoid of any common sense. Help out of nowhere is not worth waiting — you will be left to themselves.

Venus will be in Leo, so it will maintain its moderate energy. This planet will stabilize any bad situation in your life and make up for the lack of self-confidence, which will deprive you of the weakness of the moon. Venus will make sure that your intuition will worsen, so trust the voice of the heart often, but don’t forget to examine ourselves. Saturn in Sagittarius will also come to your aid, but with a bit of the other side. His task will be to oust depressed started bad thoughts out of your head. This is your week, your time. Act.


The sun and Jupiter come to the foreground for the Twins. This means that the week for the Twins will be very difficult. Jupiter in Libra will be very stable and active half, and will not undergo any changes. It speaks to his intent to knock you off your intended path by means of activation of your enemies. Watch this week and don’t try to seek help from colleagues at work or strangers in love. The tips you only hurt — on purpose or not, doesn’t matter.

The sun will aggravate the situation of the Twins his stay in Virgo. On Tuesday, August 29, it will be in negative aspect with Jupiter, so this day will be for you doubly dangerous. Beware of empty promises, and not only on your part. Deception and hypocrisy will flourish on Tuesday, and you can become their victim.


Its relevance will not lose this week, only the Moon. Monday, August 28, she will be in Scorpio, so practically nothing to help you can not. You will need to learn how to avoid problems yourself. Risks and adventure will do you good. Additional problems will bring it in quadrature with Mars. Maybe there will come a period of serious internal dissonance, bad mood. 29 and 30 of the situation stabiliziruemost. These two days would be better to devote entirely to business, work, love. Do not sit idle on Tuesday and Wednesday.

August 31, September 1st and 2nd the Moon will be in Capricorn, so the force it will disappear completely. It will be very dangerous days filled with negativity, a false joy and a false good. On Sunday, September 3, all will go back to the mountain, but the neutral forces of the moon in Aquarius is not enough for stabilization in all areas, so just take a break from the turmoil.


This week astrologers pay attention to two planets that will be ahead of the game in terms of impact on your fortune and fate: Uranus and Venus. Unfortunately, both planets are your enemies. Venus being in your Sign of the Zodiac so you can keep your moderate activity and will continue to provoke you into negative emotions. Eat more often it will be able to do their dirty work, the more you will have problems. She will deprive you of intuition and put a ban on the change of scenery. Travel of any kind is better either to cancel or to reschedule.

Uranium, as before, will be retrograde in the Sign of Aries. It can Rob you of your leadership skills and get to experience vague feelings towards enemies and competitors. In love it is also affected negatively, reducing your chances of a successful search of the second half. Tuesday is most productive day of all because of the positive aspect of Sun and Jupiter.


Mercury and Neptune go for Virgins to the fore to influence your energy. Neptune, as always, is strong, because it is in Pisces. This suggests that in business and at work you still will not be able to get away with it, if you allow yourself breaking the rules. Follow the accepted norms and laws in order not to fail. With the mood and health situation will be similar, as the astrologers suggest not to drink a lot of alcohol and do not eat a lot of junk food.

Mercury is your main patron. This week Virgos will get a little worse, since mercury retrograde will reduce your activity to the average because of the transition to the constellation Leo on August 31. Monday will be a very controversial day, as mercury will be in polyestere with Venus and polutorakratnoe with Pluto. These aspects are very polar for you.


The sun is the only object in space this week, with importance Weights. It is seven days to dwell in Virgo, so his energy is stable and destructive for you. Find a way to meet face-to-face with their fears. Avoid long-term planning and the beginning of important new cases. In the financial sector should not sign any papers. In love it is not advisable to give empty promises.

Tuesday, August 29, will be the most dangerous day for Libra, because the Sun will enter into a negative Alliance with Jupiter. Luck will disappear over the event horizon, but this does not mean that every day you have to endure problems and to take the blows of fate. If you are not going to risk going to try to retire, it could end positively for you. In love and relationship with people in General you’ll need a patient.


Jupiter and Saturn will fight for the right to control your destiny. These planets will be exactly the same activity level, and completely opposite in nature. This amazing rarity, but, unfortunately, nothing good it promises. Better Jupiter in Libra dominated alone. This week, it will help you to enhance their power and overcome all difficulties. Follow the signs of love and signs of destiny. Various little things can make a huge difference for you.

Saturn will be in Sagittarius, so do not weigh myself. Solve them as soon and don’t delay nothing then. In love Affairs and work stick to the same tactics — watch and look out for prey. Don’t show all your sentiments and share plans for the future.


The sun and the Moon, two eternal enemy, again will clash in a duel for a rank of the strongest. Will this affect your good and the mood very much. Starting immediately with the positive aspects, it should be noted that the Moon, your main enemy this week will be weak. Her energy will not rise enough to ruin your life. August 29, 30, it will be moderately active in the Sign of Sagittarius, which will make it dangerous for you. Similar situation, but under the control of Aquarius, will be on Sunday. In these three days do not relax, because the way the fate to start bending too.

The sun will be very stable in Virgo. That means every Sagittarius will feel the strength gains and the desire to work. Physical activity needs to be improved — don’t be afraid to work muscles, to be on my feet from early morning until late evening. It will be a good week for travel.


Mercury and Pluto come to the fore for you. Mercury will require a maximum commitment from you. While in Capricorn, Pluto will act exactly in the opposite direction. Pluto wants to get you in the mood to help other people, but nobody will be able to provide you with adequate support. Beware of illusions and do not listen to the advice of people because they will only confuse you.

Mercury 28, 29 and 30 August, will be in Virgo is strong. This will allow you to use all their forces to achieve better results in the financial sphere and in love, because to make new friends will be much easier. Stay faithful to your principles and follow earlier planned plans. Try to change the situation, if you feel that it begins a period of stagnation.


This week for Aquarius is two important planets: Neptune and Mars. The antagonist will be Mars. It will be the same as under Lion, so you can fail in love or Affairs because of his impulsiveness, which will need to contain. Saturday and Sunday will be less dangerous, because in these two days Mars will be in positive aspects to first Uranus, and then mercury.

Neptune will also be even more stable and strong, so the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru I advise you to keep your ambitions, which will be your fuel and a great motivator. Don’t let depressive moods eating into your mind, they can be very dangerous.


Pluto and the Moon combine their efforts in order to make you more successful in any area of life this week. The hardest days are the 31 August, 1 and 2 September, when the Moon enters the constellation Capricorn. She is completely deprived of power and will not be able to lift your mood in difficult moments.

On the other hand, a moderately active Pluto in Capricorn will help you every day. The absence of any aspects with other objects will make it very stable. Each day this week will be right up for meeting new people, flirting and romantic encounters. Don’t be afraid to interact with other people. Collective work will help you cope with any problem. Love useful long-term planning.

If you feel that your energy is getting weaker, then recuperate will help you the pleasant company of your friends and loved ones or a favorite hobby. Do what you like and don’t be afraid to look for something new.