Honey Spas August 14, 2017

Honey Spas in 2017, opens the series of the August holidays. This day coincides with the beginning of the Dormition fast is an important date in the life of Orthodox Christians.

Honey Spas is not only Orthodox, but also a national holiday, and it involves many traditions. In Honey Saved our ancestors opened the season of honey collection and always took him to Church for the consecration.

The history of the holiday

The Church 14 marks the Origin of Honest trees Holy cross. On this day at the morning service the priests endure the Cross, so that everyone could bow and pay their respects to a Higher power. This symbol is a relic and is named life-giving. In the 9th century in the midst of epidemics taken by the priests sanctification of all the waters of the particle cross performed a miracle, and the inhabitants ceased to die. In honor of the miraculous healing and was installed this holiday.

Also on this day the Church celebrates the commemoration of the seven martyrs of the Maccabees, and this religious holiday has merged with Russian, which signified a farewell to summer. Honey spas is also called the Savior on the water, because in this day hold a procession for the consecration of natural water sources. After this event traditionally takes place the last bathing.

Traditions day

On the morning of 14 August, all believers take a spoonful of Holy water on an empty stomach, and then include honey to the Church for the consecration. After the morning service Housewives start to prepare sweet treats to celebrate the holiday with all family members and treat all the loved ones.

It is believed that the honey collected in Honey Spas has exceptional healing properties. This honey is carefully preserved and used in diseases. The first spoon of honey, eaten at Honey spas, helps to fulfill the cherished desire. Make use of honey, it will come true.

The feast day in churches consecrate water, and our ancestors, August 14, always sanctified wells in which the water was able to absorb the negativity. By sanctification achieved the purification of water and watered her cattle to protect from disease and accidents. Learn more about the traditions Honey spas you can go to our website.

Superstitions on Honey Spas

Our ancestors believed that on this day, women are forgiven for all voluntary and involuntary sins, so everyone can take the sacrament and confess to the priest atoned for their wrong actions sincere prayers and kind deeds.

On this holiday the people associated with multiple takes:

rain, the last on 14 August, is a good sign that protects from fire;
mistress watered the chickens with water, consecrated in the Church, to those carrying large eggs throughout the year;
sprinkling Holy water on the seeds begin to sow in the fields. It is believed that Honey has rescued the plants take root better and are able to overwinter, giving a rich harvest;
girls put loved ones in the pocket of a handful of poppy to be with him throughout life;
morning dew it is necessary to wash, to turn back disease;
if berries raspberries are large, so rye should be sown early. Small berries say that with the sowing it is necessary to wait;
a day Honey Spasa collect Mac. If in boxes, little bean, so, of your surroundings is envious, which you must be careful;
flew into the temple of the bird during the service promises happiness to all present.

Honey Spas opens the Dormition fast, and the day should be devoted to good deeds and acts to help the needy, orphans and widows, to leave the Church meal and be sure to spend time with family. Any selfless help will definitely be back.