Hillary Duff told me about a former boyfriend

Recently, the American actress and singer Hillary Duff was presented to the audience her new boyfriend Matthew Who, which started only a few months after breaking up with a fitness trainer Jason Walsh. We still do not know the true reasons of the breakup artist and athlete. In order to avoid rumors, Daph decided to openly talk about everything.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Hillary admitted that he tries to keep his personal life away from prying eyes and ears, because once the media know at least something about her love Affairs, how it goes wrong. In a relationship with Jason Walsh, fitness trainer and founder of Rise Nation was the same.
“At first we hid their relationship, hid from reporters, and then I thought: “Hell, let everyone know. I just thought that it would be right.” I don’t let people know anything about me, I’m not sure what all I’m doing is right” — said Hillary.
Asked by a reporter what led to the breakup, Daph said: “NSH Roman began to complicate the career for me and him. At some point he said to me, “You don’t listen to me! I give up”. Now I have another coach.”
Broke up, Hillary and Jason in November last year after months of the novel. To the public their relationship lasted only five months, but really – a lot more.
“People don’t know much, they see only what they allow us to see. For me it was the first serious romance since her divorce from ex-husband Mike Comrie” said Daph. The actress admitted that she and Mike still consult with each other before you start Dating someone. Parents four year old Luke believe that this is a manifestation of mutual respect.
“I don’t want to say much about it, but Yes, we tell each other if we have the love interest. We both feel that it’s necessary to do is respect. Of course, I hear about it is not so much about me – I’m not so public person” said Daph.
Obsession new relationship with Hillary, no, she knows that everything will be good at it: “I’m not one of those people who give up after a failed relationship. I have a whole life ahead of you”.

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