Hilary Duff had dinner with her ex-husband

Despite the official charges the ex-husband of rape, Hilary Duff continues to see. Recently the singer was spotted with the father of her son Luke by Mike Comrie in one of the restaurants of Oriental cuisine Beverly hills.

After the sushi the couple went for a walk. Eyewitnesses claimed that Hilary and Mike were very relaxed and even flirting, throwing at each other weary looks.
“They are all the time joking and laughing,” said the sources.

At the same time Mike was not laughing – he pushed against serious charges. A woman has accused ex-husband of a celebrity that he raped her. They met in the club at the party, and Comrie proposed to her to continue the feast at his house. The company was another woman, but it that evening Mike was not touched. She allegedly only watched as a former athlete raped the guest.
Comrie himself does not deny that sex with this woman he had, however, insists that they know was long, intimate relationship they had more than once, but always by mutual consent. Hillary is officially not a word was said in favor of the former spouse, but spoke.. her mother. Ex-mother-in-law said that Mike is a great guy and would never do such a thing and all of that was like blackmail and pumping money.
Recall that after the divorce, Mike has repeatedly asked ex-wife to return to him, but Hilary believes that she has nothing to step into the same river twice.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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