Heather Locklear’s Dating a criminal

The star of the popular 90s TV series “Dynasty” and “Melrose” Heather Locklear had an affair with his high school sweetheart, Criss Jazerom. All anything, but surrounded by the actress are sure that her new boyfriend is a con man who owed tens of thousands of dollars.

“This guy is a criminal. Many of the friends Heather believe that he simply wants to Rob her,” say insiders.
After Heather broke up with her ex boyfriend, plastic surgeon Marc Mani, who she dated for about three years, Locklear fell into a terrible depression.
“Heather was halfway to suicide and ended up in rehab. Her self esteem was so low that she reached out to Chris” — said the insider.
Reporters managed to find out that in 2011 the district attorney riverside criminal case against Chris for the four dozen counts, including fraud, forgery and corruption, theft in especially large sizes, the theft of personal belongings and forgery.
Quirky heiser worked as a contractor for the construction of luxury houses in California. The investigation revealed that he forged the signature of the homeowner and took a loan from the mortgage company for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Construction company on behalf of which CDIP mischief, actually belonged to his brother, who neither sleep nor spirit did not know about what makes it relative.
55-year-old man pleaded guilty and did two years in prison, however, still owes its creditors hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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