He said, why not put the sons into a corner

Famous Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzhev said in a recent interview about his personal life. The actor admitted that his wife revealed to him a new world, and also explained why not shout on the children and not putting them in the corner.

This year marks eight years from the date of the wedding of Dmitri and Tatiana Gurevich. During this time the couple had two sons – seven-year Ivan and Dmitry-the youngest, who is only a year old.
He Dyuzhev Sr. didn’t want his son’s name was the same thought that it would be immodest on his part, but the wife insisted.
“I’m glad that now I have two copies of my little men, and one another, and a full namesake! And then, it’s funny, when my husband holding our youngest, I make fun of him: “Dmitry Dyuzhev Dyuzhev shakes” — said Tatiana.

Dmitri admits that he and Tatiana never find out when you have kids, it is for them – a taboo. The fact that the parents of the actor, though, and lived happily ever after, but was very emotional and at times their house was played by the Italian scandals.
“At such moments, I didn’t know where to go – whether to protect the mother, or father.. Maybe that’s why for me to cry is to be back where scared and hurt,” — said Dmitry. By the way, children, he also puts in the corner and spank. When Ivan grew up and stopped listening, Dmitry wanted to use the element of folk education in the form of a belt, but his wife was categorically against it, and persuaded Dmitri to just talk with his son. It worked and he was surprised that it is possible to teach children to listen and hear.
“I am very grateful to Tanya that she persuaded me. I realized that children can and should be friends and talk, they can listen and hear us. So to corner the sons set of physical punishment in our family either. Always find a compromise” — said the artist.
Jealousy between Dmitry and Tatyana no – woman know who she’s marrying and decided eight years ago. She knew that she Dyuzhev – a successful actor and a beautiful man that women like.
“Dmitry gives me attention and love that doubts of space left. I am also grateful to him, because he leaves space and my personal space. I can meet up with friends or to stay with him alone” — said Tatiana.

Source: http://dni.ru
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