He can recover: numerologist predicted Nikolay Karachentsov victory over cancer

Yesterday the actor Nikolay Karachentsov has marked 73 years. Friends, fans, wife sincerely wish the actor most precious: health. Because just a month ago doctors diagnosed Karachentsov inoperable cancerous tumor in her left lung. Famous numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the actor and made a prediction: you will be able to cure Nicholas?

We will remind, in February 2005 in Moscow, the actor Nikolay Karachentsov is involved in an accident. Nicholas lost control of the car, facing the truck. Karachentsov was in a coma for 26 days. The health of the artist has still not recovered. In September 2017, during a routine check, Nicholas was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva in comments to the publication Starhit gave his forecast:

Nicholas was born in “the Day of impulse”. The person who is born in a day no sense of self-preservation and instincts. That’s why he’s too careless. If not for the accident in 2005, he wouldn’t be sick. However, his life code 2810246 says that Nicholas survivor. He will be able to overcome the disease.

Also, the numerologist said that this is a favorable stage in the life of Nicholas. But the main advice: not to leave the house in November, to rest more and spend time with loved ones in the family.

We wish the actor a speedy convalescence!