Have Tats Abramson had problems with feeding daughter

However, as soon as the boys became young parents, as a concerned Valery appealed to subscribers for advice regarding breastfeeding. The man seriously feared that at the time milk from Tata has not yet come. Then Blumenkranz have advised a lot of drugs that would solve the problem, the site says life-dom2.su.

And now to turn to the subscribers, it was the turn of Tata. As it turned out, no special teas, no mode of feeding, or even pumping still didn’t help. The assurances of the newly minted moms, the milk becomes less every day and now she had to finish feeding my daughter formula.

“It seems to me that if it was really important to know the solution to this problem, she would speak to the doctor, and everything it’s like trying to attract attention to his person” – noticed the audience of “House 2”.