Harrison Ford returns in “Indiana Jones”

Harrison Ford from time to time scares us accidents that happen to him. for example, recently the actor had almost crashed into a passenger plane when it was landing on the set of “Star wars,” Ford broke his leg due to hit on him occasionally and even the year before Ford was wrecked all on the same the plane.

It seems that this 76-year-old actor is simply impossible to stop. Is it worth it? Today, foreign media reported that the indefatigable Ford agreed to return to the movie that brought him wide popularity.

Harrison will star in the fifth “Indiana Jones”, which will be directing Steven Spielberg.

The Disney representatives have officially announced the release date of the movie and said that they look forward to the return of such a legendary hero. Other details of the continuation of the “Indiana Jones” yet kept secret.

Recall that the first part of a series of adventure films about Indiana Jones was released in 1973. The project was developed by George Lucas. In the subsequent development of the character of the first film series about Indiana Jones, which was called “raiders of the lost ark”, he was helped by Philip Kaufman, Lawrence Kasdan and Steven Spielberg, who became the Director of all the films in the series. On account of “Indiana Jones” numerous awards, including an Oscar, Golden globe, BAFTA, other.

The total income of the movies about Indiana Jones is nearing 2 billion dollars.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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