“Hannibal” returns to TV screens in 2017

The third season of the TV series “Hannibal” was the final. TV guide NBC decided to stop airing the series due to the failed rating, the third season. Many fans and critics noted that in this teleserie no more the sharpness on the background of the calm that was before, because to watch the parody first two seasons” they have no desire to.

Despite the fact that many have expressed in support of the closure of the series, still found army of fans that have experienced the closure of “Hannibal” as a personal grief and pleaded with bosses at NBC to reconsider its decision and still consider to return to the series on TV.

Requests of fans heeded the Creator of “Hannibal,” Bryan fuller, who along with the stars of the show have not lost hope that the fourth season will take place.

“Kast, I don’t mind, the only problem is finding adequate time in the schedule of all the actors, but I would like to continue to tell this story with Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen,” said fuller, speaking at the awards, the Saturn Awards a few days ago.

Note that the return of “Hannibal” on TV will take place no earlier than a year, because now the rights to it has Amazon. By the way, this time the creators can use to find a new broadcaster for the show.

“To look for new options we will be able only in 2 years after the last episode aired. August 2017 — then we really can start something to talk about,”- said the Creator of “Hannibal”.

By the way, while in “Hannibal” break, his main character is taken for other projects. For example, Hugh Dancy signed up for shooting the sequel to “Fifty shades of grey”.

It is known that the actor will embody on the screen role of Dr. John Flynn, who will help the hero to cope with the demons of the past.

Source: popcornnews.ru
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