Haniya Farhi, the latest news on causes of death: died from what singer

That’s already more than a month has passed since the tragic death of Haniya Farhi. Her death was a great and sudden blow to her many fans.

The singer died at a relatively young age and, most importantly, at a time when none of her fans and even close relatives and friends, did not expect that this could happen. It was initially reported that the cause of death was detached thrombus. The heiress Haniyeh said that Haniyeh had a heart attack as a result of depletion of the body.

The fact that Farhi has worked too hard and simply didn’t give myself time to rest. She slept very little, sometimes – two or three hours a day, and sometimes she had no sleep at all. A lot and worked hard, giving several concerts a day, one after the other changing cities and concert halls.

According to the daughter of Haniyeh, the mother was spared and always focused on work. It is known that shortly before his death Farhi several times in the hospital due to overwork and heart disease, but it still did not change her lifestyle.

Haniya Farhi was born in 1960 in the Bashkir village. Her repertoire was more than 300 songs. Is people’s artist of Tatarstan, but also Bashkiria, and also the winner of 15 awards festival of Tatar music Tatar zhyry. On Baumana street has installed a star with her name on it.

In 2013, the actress told in an interview with the Kazan editions, that the rumors about her death, or diseases repeatedly cruised.

She told reporters that suffered a stroke fell from the stage, speaking at the new year party at “one of the ministries” in NCC “Kazan”. Doctors had diagnosed a brain hemorrhage. However, the singer recovered after treatment continued concert activity.