Halter top Anastasiya Kvitko stressed ample Breasts models

Anastasiya Kvitko often puts in his microblog provocative racy photos. The latest model in the ultra short top has roused the admiration of fans.

Anastasiya Kvitko, known to the public as “Russian Kim Kardashian”, has published a spicy photo. In the photo the girl is sitting in a short top with a huge cleavage. The photo and the model was published in his account in Instagram.

“Russian Kim Kardashian” 22-year-old girl from Kaliningrad, was nicknamed for the unusual shape of the buttocks. The model resides in the USA. On account Kvitko in Instagram signed a 6.7 million people.

At the time of writing the news collected more than 102 thousand likes and over a thousand comments.