Halloween 31 October 2017

Halloween — bright holiday with a terrible backstory. According to legend, in the night from October 31 to November 1, the gates separating the world of the living and the dead opened, and the souls of the departed roam the earth to scare us.

We used to refer to Halloween as a holiday when you can have fun and scare passers-by scary costumes and masks. However, the people of Europe and the United States take this day seriously, honoring tradition and superstition. Ancient legends tell us the amazing story of the Celtic people and their festival of Samhain. It turns out that on Halloween night the dark forces roam freely through the land, looking into every home.


The origins of the festival lie in the history kuletskoy culture and relate to a special date in the calendar of the ancient Celts — Samhain. Behind this name hides the worst time of the year when the gates between the living and the dead are opened, the soul and the dark forces be unleashed and roam the earth. Originally people dressed in evil for one simple reason — to get “their” to knock the demons off, to protect yourself and your family. Of course, now such tales don’t scare even a baby, but the tradition of dressing up in scary costumes rooted in folk memory and became the basis of the holiday.

On the eve of Halloween all choose for themselves the costumes, the scarier the better and more interesting. Especially this holiday kids love, because for them this night is almost the same thing. Lots of candy, all bright, beautiful and happy. Even for his antics, you rewarded a lot of sweets. While children beg for treats, threatening: “trick or treat?”, adults wonder, tickle your nerves scary movies and tell each other spooky stories from the life.

Halloween — evil pumpkin, which according to the legend, wards off evil spirits from the house and marks the end of harvest. Pumpkin head is made in a few days, emptying out the pumpkin from the flesh and cutting her with a knife toothy mouth and terrible eyes. To make it look even more awesome, inside it a candle.

Divination and omens on Halloween

The night when spirits walk the earth, we too can travel through the worlds. Each person has a glimpse into another reality, to predict the future, communicate with the deceased. Many perceive it as fun even a seance, while others are looking for answers to questions, and sometimes find them. It’s a night of magic, of magic, of mystery. Halloween miracles happen all the time, and the main thing to notice them.

Tarot saucers. Three saucers were wondering in the first place girl, who was looking for love. Of course, they were going to a big company that wasn’t so bad. Was put on the table a saucer with spring water, the other empty and the third ink. The young fortune tellers take turns tying each other’s eyes and let one girl to the table so she picked the saucer, which will reveal her secret. It was thought that the hand at this point was ruled by an otherworldly power that guided his hand in one of three bowls. If the saucer was empty — the girl in this year remained among the unmarried. If water is imminent wedding, and the girl will become a happy marriage. But if the hand were painted, the husband will be with an unpleasant past.

Divination by dreams. Through dreams we receive mysterious information. They are prophetic, colorful and frightening. In the Halloween night they wondered and wonder still. It was believed that if you dream about water, mirror or stones, but this year the luck will accompany in everything. But if you see in a dream snow, hail, strong wind or faded flowers, you can expect trouble.

Signs of Halloween:

To the house did not penetrate the spirits and stayed there, candles were lit.
To scare yourself and your family misfortunes, had three times around a house or apartment in fancy dress and with a burning torch in his hands.
To see a spider on Halloween to come.
People would wear clothes backwards, and went out at night to meet up with this witch and find out she’s his destiny.

Halloween — a terrible holiday with the fun part and long history. Treat it seriously or be seen as an occasion for fun — only you can decide. But do not forget that our life is full of mysteries and secrets, which we do not even suspect. Great mood and a good Halloween. Be happy