Gwyneth Paltrow talked about the relationship with Chris Martin

Last summer the husband of Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, singer with the rock group Coldplay, Chris Martin became an ex, but finished in spite of the divorce process, the couple is still very close, and all for the sake of two children Apple and Moses. In an interview with the new issue of InStyle 44-year-old actress said that Chris is at their home daily.

“He every day in our house. Each of us lives his life, but the family we have, both was, and remained. I know that Chris would give his life for me and the kids. I think. we have made a positive contribution to the culture of divorce,” says Paltrow.
Recall that initiated the divorce Gwyneth in 2014, calling it a “conscious divorce” and giving the term its original concept of separation of spouses.
According to insiders, brad Falchuk, new boyfriend Paltrow, not against the fact that the ex-husband of his wife drops by to visit them and sometimes even sleeps in his room. It supports your passion, in particular, due to the fact that as close with his ex-wife Suzanne and children.

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