Gwyneth Paltrow naked and bathed in the dirt fold a magazine cover


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on the cover of the first issue of a brand Goop. In the image, she appeared almost naked and covered with mud.
On the shelves the edition, Paltrow will appear on September 19 of this year. In the magazine you will see ads of products of the brand, an interview with the actress in which she tells about her experience in the most various fields: from treatment poison bees to improve the quality of orgasm. According to Paltrow, she strives to succeed in everything. According to her, even when the actress has to remove their shoes, thus she feels a sense of healing.
Gwyneth Kate Paltrow American actress and singer, winner of the awards “Golden globe” and “Oscar”. In addition, she received the award “Emmy” for participating in the filming of the Comedy television series “Glee”.