Gwyneth Paltrow is ready to leave her fiancé for ex-husband

So much for “gentle separation”. Too friendly relations with the former spouse and father of two Hollywood Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin don’t leave her chance at romance with Brad Falcolm. Three months after the official divorce, the couple decided to start over. At least, talking about it, insiders close to the former spouses.

All the time that has elapsed since the breakup, Gwen and Chris remained very close. Paltrow managed to upset the relations of Martin with the Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence. After the divorce the couple still has not sold the common property, and, apparently, is not going to do it.
“And Gwen and Chris tried to start a new life with other partners, but they have nothing. She misses his company. They had a Bohemian marriage that managed to keep afloat for a long time. Now Gwyneth beginning to regret that I broke up with her husband of divorce, the initiative belonged to her..” say the insiders. If only Chris dumped his current girlfriend Annabelle Wallis, they could start over.
Sources claim that the relationship Gwyneth and Falchuk not develop completely. First, they argued that Nonsense is in no hurry to divorce his wife, and in September, he even went to Mexico to celebrate a birthday, Paltrow. From the time they are in public together came out and it’s time to talk about the breakup. But with Martin, Gwen is still able to knit.
“Between them, incredible chemistry. So it was with their first meeting and it remains so now, everything can be” say insiders, and we somehow want to believe them.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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