Gwen Stefani returned to her maiden name

The final point in relations Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were set in April of this year.

13-year Union ended in divorce and division of matrimonial property.

So, Stephanie got 100% control over their music and a very successful fashion lines L. A. M. B. and Harajuku Lovers (though she agreed to give 25% of its profits into a special Fund, and the money still ultimately goes to the children). For Stephanie there are two house in Los Angeles, the income from the house in Beverly hills, the singer shared with her ex-husband in half, but Gavin gives the right to 4 at home in Europe. Neither Gwen nor her ex-husband won’t pay no alimony, but will open an account his three sons that each of them will allocate one million U.S. dollars. Custody of the children of celebrities will be split in half.

Today it became known that among other things, Stephanie has regained its original name. Despite the fact that his entire stage career, the singer has performed under the pseudonym “Gwen Stefani”, on the passport she was carrying her husband’s name. Recently the artist returned everything to normal.

We will remind, in October 2015, it was reported that Stephanie has dedicated the new single to divorce from Rossdale. In particular, the song Used To Love You ” the words: “I Never thought that would happen. I messed up and you were gone.” By the way, the reasons for the divorce of the pair is still not clear.

Divorce Gwen does not like to remember, noting that it was extremely hard for her: “It was like hell: six, seven, eight months of torture. The dream of my whole life was destroyed. Before my eyes was the example of parents who celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of joint life. I also wanted to have a strong family, where would my children grow up,” shared the singer, later adding that he will handle this situation helped her friends and children, “Thoughts about children and work didn’t let me completely lose heart. Me great support friend, and prayers to God. From childhood accustomed to refer to it. And he heard me: gave a meeting with a man (Blake Shelton), who became not only my support in a difficult moment, but also hope for happiness.”

Source: gazeta.ru, viva.ua
Photo: instagram.com

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