Guzeeva threatens to inflict a curse on a network of provocateurs

The TV star is tired of attack in his address

Host of the TV show “let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva still can not recover after the publication of her photos in Bulgarian beach in the company of a friend of Larisa Udovichenko. Then the artist came in for severe criticism from the media and Internet users.

After that, the star has promised to go on a diet and even to heighten the effect of put my photo in a swimsuit on the fridge. And her friend and fellow Lolita told reporters that because the incident leading sobbed for several days.

Recently Guzeeva has published a response to his detractors on Instagram: “So so… cheap enemies, I know how old I am, how much I weigh and where you work, if once again some trash dares to defecate on my page — curse. And eyes, like my neighbor, I CHILLY”.