Guf death threats to Russian rappers – 24???

Rapper Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) once again critical of other rap artists. Gough talked to the members and held a very emotional broadcast in which he criticized the famous rappers, reports StarHit.

Guf | Fan-Guf

Basta, bird, Oxxxymiron, Pharaoh and Hook – rappers, who were the center of attention Gufa. He explained his attitude towards rap ballam, noting that he is ready to participate in such match, but for a substantial reward.

Fans of the musician responded differently to the words of the rapper. Some said that he urgently needed to record a new track to Express their attitude to colleagues. At the same time, other fans expressed concern about the mental state of the man.

Recall, Guf Basta accused of inaction, claiming that he did not help him in a difficult situation. As reported in the Russian press, previously Dolmatov was undergoing rehabilitation for drug addiction.