Gucci clothing and accessories for women – real fashion for real fashionistas

The world famous GG logo is not just a mark of quality, is the emblem of one of the most important fashion houses of the planet. Over a hundred years ago in Florence began the triumphant history of the brand Gucci. Today the mere mention of it makes discerning connoisseurs of fashion items enthusiastic emotion.

A Gucci bag is not just an accessory, it’s a real Manifesto, a demonstration of disobedience to grey days and commonplace ideas. Currently in assortment of the fashion house provides a very wide range of goods – clothing ready to wear, the famous suitcases, shoes, fragrances and jewelry to home VIP-textiles. So if you have the desire every day of my life to decorate with things from Gucci, it will be more than feasible.

It should be noted that among members of the Gucci dynasty had many talented and tenacious businessmen who were able to bring the Italian brand to such a high level. Initially, Guccio Gucci specialized in the production of good and quality bags, suitcases and shoes of leather of a special currying. The heirs of the family business were sons on Guccio. Aldo Gucci was able to significantly expand the geographical first and then the thematic scope of his father’s company – he moved to America and opened flagship stores in Gucci the most brilliant capitals of the world, and first among the designers created the interior cabin of the American car Hornet. Important role in the promotion of the brand on the VIP level has played celebrities, and even royalty. The names of these celebrities are too famous to mention them. But the fact remains – as soon as the bag is on the shoulder of the First lady of the United States, every fashionista falls in love with a branded accessory once and for all. During its long history the house of Gucci experienced vertiginous UPS and downs, bordering on complete collapse. But the complexities and time constraints have benefited the company, and today Gucci is an influential conglomerate, which is the main brand the global fashion industry. Skillful marketing bright advertising campaigns, recognizable design plus good leadership had the desired effect – the work begun by Guccio Gucci more than a century ago, grow and produce abundant fruit.

Fashion lady’s note – today’s modern and active women buy Gucci not in malls, and the Internet. Why? For many reasons – it’s convenient, fast and simple. Thanks to modern technology that we can use them to update your wardrobe with latest collections from the best brands without visiting Milan, Paris and London, and just making orders through your favorite gadget. So check online for current trends and be aware of the best new products from Gucci.

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