Guards Sheremetyevo airport disgraced Olga Buzova

After the conquest of Los Angeles, TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova went home to Moscow. However, the arrival of Home not happy with the celebrity, and, most likely, very angry.

At Sheremetyevo airport Olga went through passport control and got my Luggage. Joyous TV presenter was about to go home, but then she was detained by border guards for manual inspection of Luggage. The employee of the Sheremetyevo airport for hours carefully and meticulously examined Holguin Luggage. The most unpleasant it was when she began to dig even in the package of dirty Laundry.

Video inspection has already appeared in the Internet. However, Olga herself believes that pogranichnitsa is her fan, so she wanted to see, which is her favorite. Just wondering, she wanted to delve into the dirty underwear Buzova?