Groom Merii Carey publicly fingered bride

Australian billionaire James packer holds all things in his hands, even that is not his. in a network there were photos taken last month. To them, the businessman was publicly groped by their vociferous bride Merayu Keri, grabbing her breast at a party held in Capri, Italy.

Maria didn’t even pay attention to it and continued to hug and kiss with her lover, spending for these enjoyable activities all night.
Recall that 48-year-old James asked for the hand and heart of 46-year-old Marii in January this year after four months of relationship and being legally married. Keri also cannot boast that free – is she still married with the father of her two children Nick Cannon, which prevents her new marriage, not giving her a divorce.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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