Grigory Leps scared fans tired or drunk appearance

Grigory Leps among many Russian artists visited the festival of “Heat” in Baku. In images from the festival, the artist looks very tired.

Recently, Baku hosted the music festival “Heat”. Many Russian celebrities have performed on stage and surprised fans amazing numbers. In particular, singer Fame on the stage sang a song known to all of Grigory Leps .

The singer Glory

But after the speech, told fans experienced emotions by posting a picture with the Leps. The woman said that she loves John and she loved his songs.

Fans artists, seeing the Glory and Gregory noticed that the actor looked very tired and frightened for his health, informs the journalist, Pointmedia Juliana Ulitkino.

Drunk or just tired?

Many members of the Russian singer felt that during the festival, Grigory drank a little alcohol, but many are convinced that Leps became ill during a music festival.

“What about the Leps?”, “Is he drunk??”, “Grisha bad!!!”, “Why is a photo for fans? Where the very fire, and Gregory no! Why???”, “Gregory is already under Alko))))”Not necessarily drunk!!It’s so hot here that the bad man cannot become?”, “Don’t judge that’s his normal state,” write the fans of the famous artists under the joint the.(RUF. and Item. of the author retained approx. Ed.).

It seems that the fans of the Grigoriy Leps are confident that the actor has consumed excess amounts of alcohol, but he does not cease to be their idol and inspiration.

We have previously reported, the Russian singer Grigory Leps, is prohibited SBU bored in Ukraine, which previously gave 50 concerts a year.