Grigory Leps is seriously ill

The fall of Grigory Leps during a recent concert in Rostov-on-don is not alcohol-related, as stated by the author of the video, posted on the Network alleged evidence of the drunk performance artist.

The video shows Gregory during the song “I’m happy” he lost his balance and fell. One of the guards ran on stage and picked up a shooting star. After that Leps continued to sing.
Journalists managed to find out from the Director of the artist Maya Serikova that it is not in alcohol intoxication, Gregory actually stumbled on stage, but not drunk alcohol, but because of the disease.
“We don’t want it to sound health issues all over the country, but we are forced to respond to rumors about his alleged “drunken fall”. On the eve of the concert of Gregory V. turned to his doctor, who urged him to postpone the speech, but he did not listen and went out to the audience. Behind us were three flights during the day and performances at other events” — justified Serikova.
As it turned out, Leps has long suffered from pressure drops. This is the result of the constant traveling and work.
“He had long promised speech, and could not let down their viewers. He is a man like all of us, he’s not a robot, and has the right to weakness. Moreover, it is associated with his illness. We are all very scared then, and Thank God that on that day nothing happened. For fans to talk about “drunken Lepse” I will explain separately: he does not drink alcohol for medical reasons for several years. Absolutely. Everything he drank that night – it’s tea with honey and fresh juice,” said Maya.
The Manager denied the fact that the video was filmed during a concert in Rostov-on-don. According to her, it happened in the capital’s restaurant, and who benefits is still unknown. By the way, a friend and colleague of Leps Nikolay Baskov immediately responded to the rumors and has stated publicly that Gregory was not drunk and that he complained of feeling unwell.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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