Grigory Leps has canceled concerts due to health problems

Not so long ago, Grigory Leps was not very pleasant situation: speaking to the audience Leps didn’t keep standing and fell back. Gregory himself was not injured, quickly got up and continued performance. But this case has not gone unnoticed. The Network then spread talk that on stage he walked out drunk. But there were those who stood up for the artist, noting that most likely he was just tired and therefore body showed his fatigue.

The situation for some time commented upon by representatives of the Leps. A few days ago as its Director Maya Serikova expressed his opinion about what happened.

The woman says that now her ward suffering from pressure surges. Another attack just happened on stage.

The video clearly shows that Gregory singing a track that he hardly allows himself to do. It also indicates that when entering the stage, he was not very healthy.

Now the health of the contractor is not in danger and does not cause any concern.

But a break in the work of the Leps decided to organize themselves. Gregory intends to improve health, because he had to cancel a few gigs.

Following the appearance on the scene of Leps announced at the festival “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”, and then he will have a few months to completely recover before the big concert tour.

Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: fdlx.com

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