Gregory Leps there were debts due to wards

The all-knowing producer Joseph Prigogine commented on the decision of Gregory Leps to lead the members of the production center and to combine business with Emin Agalarov. The husband of the singer Valeria told reporters that the actor who engaged in parallel prodyusirovanie young talent, there were debts. The fault of those young talents that Leps wanted to help.

According to Joseph, Gregory simply wanted to get rid of the expensive services of intermediaries, and collaboration with Emin Agalarov – “very good option”.
“Gregory – still an artist, not a businessman. At some point he entrusted his Affairs to certain people, but as time passed, he saw the result and decided that it will be more interesting the other option is to work with other people. This is normal. I heard that Leps are very much invested in young artists who were trying to promote – and profit was not the losses and debts. That’s the reason for such drastic change,” — says Prigogine.
Joseph has calculated that to raise young talent and make it known is worth at least a million dollars. He wanted to promote youth, but realized that it was too troublesome and costly.

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