Grandma’s ex-husband criticized Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova, Ukrainian singer and former member of the group “Viagra” appeared recently in “the Secret of the million,” which said that the grandmother of her ex-husband Maxim Chernyavskiy tried to take away her daughter Monica.

Relative ex-spouse chose to comment on the situation and to tell it from their point of view. According to Maxim’s grandmother, Marina Chernyavskaya, children do not need Sedokova, she is very eager to find a new husband, and with the help of her daughters, only PR.
“I watched this program. All that said, Anna is a pure lie! How can I deprive the child of the mother? I just asked Anna and her new fiancé Artem, so they do not tear Monica with the educational process. We only talked about it,” said the woman.
Marina explained that a five year old child who goes to prep school, and that it was unwise for the mother to abort the training. Anna wanted Monica lived three months in Moscow and three months in the United States, and Marina did not agree with this idea, and insisted that the granddaughter lived with her father and studied, while the mother establishes her personal life.
Marina believes that there is no need a year old child several times a year to suffer from change of time and climate, but also to spend twelve hours in flight.
“A girl learns, lives with his father. Yes, she asked about mom, she misses you. But – please take Monica for the holidays, come as you want, chat, love your child. Who stirs? There is no problem. Moreover, I would’ve wanted Anya came to Los Angeles often, but not wound on, and paid attention to the child,” says Marina.
Maxim’s grandmother wanted to meet Anna and her current lover, to discuss this question, but the young man didn’t even come to the meeting. This is a very angry Ms. Cherniavsky, especially because Setkova going to marry him, and this means that communication with Artem is inevitable and unfortunate that getting them started so ugly.
Marina worried that after the wedding, Anna will always take the child himself, especially since Sedokova Maxim have a very tense relationship because of the incident six months ago. Then in Los Angeles, Alina, the oldest daughter, Anna, asked her to the concert, and after him, while the singer took pictures and signed autographs, Maxime took tired the eldest daughter of the former wife to her home, where she spent the night. In the morning Anna Chernyavskaya has arranged a big scandal because he took the baby without her knowledge and she is very scared. During an argument they had exchanged not the most flattering words and now deal only in the epistolary style.
Grandma’s Maxim is not like that Anna “makes the difference” between children. The woman said that during a recent vacation Sedokova bought a lot of clothes myself and eldest daughter, and the youngest was offended that the mother has not bought her “nothing but black dress”. At the same trip rested with them, and the son Artyom from his first marriage. Monica complained that the boy hurting her and beats, but the mother couldn’t believe it.
“I understand that Anya needs to hurry to get married, you know that she is courting another man’s son… But his own daughter can’t hurt! Anya lives for social networks, for image, for photos, she lives for publicity, but not for children. Children are a PR. She forgot what love is, but remember what money is” said Marina.
The truth, as always, is somewhere nearby.

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