Gosha Kutsenko has shared with fans a fun video with my daughter

Instagram Gosha Kutsenko – it is rather the story of his work, but not as about his personal life, which actor is carefully guarded from the intrusion of strangers. But still sometimes the actor admits loyal fans in the Holy of holies under the name of “family”.

So, on the eve, gosh have released a touching video featuring his middle daughter, 3-year-old Zhenya. In the frame of a lovely little girl taking sweets from a friend of his parents, and her dad says, “Jack, tell me: “Lena, if you have some candy, bring.” And the girl dutifully echoed by the Pope, childish fun mispronouncing words.

Fans of Gosha were cut to a short video and immediately started writing enthusiastic comments: “Curls, braid and the voice is just a mimimi”, “Dear gosh, I saw this little piece of your life. Love is what’s in it, the explosion of love that slays outright. Genia is a miracle so curly, it’s your life, your love. As it is visible to all. As you can see, you’ve dissolved in Eugene, how are you enjoying this myself, as you thrill to the status of this his – daddy”, “gosh, they grow up so fast, enjoy!”, “Honey, dad is not bad advice”, “Cute!”, “What is it you’re so cute! The face of an angel, a wonderful girl!”