Goldie hawn admitted, why starred in the movie for 15 years

15 long years to actress Goldie hawn was absent from the cinematic world. During this time in the “States” had to change a few presidents. And now, after 15 years, the Oscar-winning star returns. Of course, journalists and fans hawn concerned with the question of why it took so long. Goldie finally decided to clarify. “I believe that in life you need something to do, need to do something. Life and we along with it must change. I can’t imagine anyone who is not growing and developing. When I turned 50, I asked my girlfriends the same age, “What are we going to do?”.

“I wanted to go somewhere for a while to live, to study archaeology, or to participate in healing the world in some degree. I wanted to dig deeper, because asked the question: “Who am I now? What can I offer the world? What should I study?” I started to study the structural features of the brain, studied psychology…After the terrorist attack of September 11, I decided I know what I must do,” continued the actress.

But hawn was not going to be in a movie or produce the new projects. She wanted to work in a completely different direction.

“I have written two books and created our own charity project to help in the development of children”, — said the actress.

“I never thought about the fact that I have to do. I’ve been so busy,” he finished Goldie.

Recall movie, for which hawn has ended its 15-year boycott of the movie, called “the Daughter and her mother”. The plot tells of a headstrong Emily who is over 30 and you just got dumped. The girl is in despair because she needs urgently to find a travel companion to travel to Ecuador instead of leaving boyfriend. Emily fails to convince on a joint trip my ultra-cautious mother. But instead of a relaxing family holiday daughter and mother are waiting for her kidnapping. And when such different women find themselves together in the hostages, their relationship is experiencing a serious test of strength. Perhaps they will become even closer to each other, but only if they can escape and survive in the jungle.

In addition to hawn in the film, we see Amy Schumer.

The world premiere is scheduled for may 11 this year.

Source: vanityfair.com
Photo: instagram.com

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