Golden globes: full list of winners and interesting moments of the evening

The day before, January 8, took place 74-th ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe”. The celebration was organized in the best traditions of Hollywood stars sported on the red carpet and partied the night was hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Note that for the first time in many years, a showman, accepted the invitation. Previously Jimmy had answered a categorical “no”.

This year the ceremony was held could not be better – with a minimum number of surprises and scandals.

Celebrity has complied with all the rules of propriety, but because red carpet wasn’t “naked” dresses, the ladies were sweet and lovely; men are kept in their costumes.

The evening began with displaying a funny parody video in which the authors tried to mention all the major nominees for the Golden globe: from the series “Very strange things” to the acclaimed musical “La La land” — and then Fallon took the floor. His opening monologue, of course, not without jokes: “so this “Golden globe”. One of the few remaining places where the winners are those who scored the highest number of votes”, — said the showman, alluding to the results of the recent presidential election.

Note that the political theme is again sounded at this creative evening dedicated to the movie. For example, Meryl Streep, who came to the ceremony to receive his honorary award for outstanding career achievement (if we talk about the “Golden globe” — 30 nominations, eight statuettes), thought it appropriate to talk about the disgraceful actions of trump. By the way, we actress was greeted with thunderous applause, and after the ceremony on the Network it was discussed millions of users, most of whom praised the Strip for courage.

“[…]I still can’t forget it, it was not a movie, but real life: the moment when the person who wishes to occupy the respectable place in the country, parodied the reporter with a disability. The man who is superior to this reporter in the privileges, power and opportunities to fight back. This instinct to humiliate, publicly presented, it infiltrates our lives, he gives us permission to do the same. Disrespect begets disrespect and violence provokes violence. When the powerful of this world use their position to humiliate others, we all lose”, said Meryl, referring to a parody of trump to the New York Times reporter with a disability.

Not spared Meryl’s side and trump’s statements about the need to tighten immigration policy: “Hollywood is full of outsiders and newcomers. And if all of them throw, we have nothing left to watch besides football and martial arts. And it’s not art.”

By the way, trump has managed to comment on the performance of a Hollywood star, noting that he was not surprised by her words, because she, like all of Hollywood, from the very beginning been on the side of “liberal Hillary Clinton”.

But on a sad note, the actress to finish not wanted, for said that the more we hurt, the stronger we become, and suggested to move forward no matter what: “Take the pain of your broken heart and turn it into art.”

However, not only Meryl Streep this evening spoke with heartfelt speeches from the stage. We just melted away from the words of Ryan Gosling on his family, which he said from the stage, when he received a “Golden globe” for the main male role.

Instead of the traditional “Thank you to everyone who worked with me on making this film” (referring to “La La land”), Ryan confessed his love for his wife and daughters: “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have such a powerful rear. While I was singing and dancing on the set, my favorite was expecting our second child and brought up our eldest daughter and at the same time tried to help their brother in his fight with cancer. Sweetheart, thank you,” said Ryan, turning from the scene to Eva Mendez (which has not accompanied her husband to the ceremony and stayed home with her daughters).

No less attention was given to Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield. At the time, while Gosling was up on stage for a reward, Reynolds and Garfield merged in a passionate kiss, apparently, supporting his colleague and friend. Judging by the reactions of others, the situation was quite ordinary, and drew attention to her not many.

Did not go unnoticed in “the Golden globe-2017” brad pitt. On stage, his colleagues greeted him with deafening and prolonged applause, thus expressing his support in connection with divorce process with Jolie.

Note that pitt looked gorgeous!

Main highlight of the evening, we have told you, and now we offer you to familiarize with the list of winners of the “Golden globe-2017”.

Recall that the ceremony “Golden globe” believe “rehearsal” before the “Oscar”, because I will assume that the prize winners will receive their prizes in February.

“Best drama” — “Moonlight”, Moonlight

“Best Comedy or musical” — “La La land” La La Land

Best Director — Damien of Sazell, “La La land”

“Best actor (drama)” — Casey Affleck in “Manchester by the sea”

“Best actress (drama)” — Isabelle Huppert, “She”

“Best actor (musical or Comedy)” — Ryan Gosling, “La La land”

“Best actress (musical or Comedy)” — Emma stone, “La La land”

“Best supporting actor” — Aaron Taylor-Johnson, “Under cover of night”

“Best supporting actress” viola Davis, “Fences”

Best screenplay — “La La land”

“Best foreign language film” — “It”, Elle (France, Germany, Belgium)

“Best song” City of Stars, “La La land”

“The best music” — Justin Hurwitz, “La La land”

“Best animated film” — “Zeropolis”, Zootopia

“Best television series (drama)” — “Crown”, The Crown (Netflix)

“Best television series (musical or Comedy)” — “Atlanta”, Atlanta (FX)

“Best mini-series or film for TV” — “American crime story”, The People V. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story (FX)

“Best actor TV series (drama)” — Billy Bob Thornton, “Goliath” (Amazon)

“Best actress TV series (drama)” — Claire Foy, the “Crown” (Netflix)

“Best actor in a TV series (Comedy or musical)” Donald Glover, “Atlanta” (FX)

“Best actress TV series (Comedy or musical)” — Traci Ellis Ross, “Blackish” (ABC)

“Best actor in a miniseries or movie for TV” — Tom Hiddleston, “the Night clerk” (AMC)

“Best actress in a miniseries or movie for TV” — Sarah Paulson, “American crime story” (FX)

“Best supporting actor series, mini-series or movie for TV” — Hugh Laurie, “Night administrator” (AMC)

“Best supporting actress series, mini-series or movie for TV” — Olivia Colman, the “Night administrator” (AMC)

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