Glad Zmanovskaya: unexpected version of death of the singer

Fans of the popular band “Banderos” still can’t believe the death of one of the participants of the team are Happy Zmanovskiy, which occurred yesterday, September 14, in the United States. Fans believe that the official version of bleeding in the brain can be invented.

Some of the fans Zmanovskiy suggested that really Happy could die because of numerous plastic surgeries, which she was to struggle with old age. After all, even from their loved ones, she hid the passport age. This fact has suggested to some thoughts.

What usually happens is that fans of a particular artist – I know literally everything about their idol. But in the case of Zmanovskiy – everything happened exactly the opposite.”It has always been closed to fans. Remember when we were trying to learn something about her family – did not. Even her age is not calculated. Now someone said that she was 40, but there is no certainty. There is no information anywhere what year she was born. Say, ex-soloist of the concealed age, even from close friends. Rumor has it that she turned to plastic surgeons to stay young. Maybe this was the reason for such a quick departure?” – said one of the fans of the band.

According to fans, after leaving the team Zmanovskaya almost no contact with colleagues. “We in social networks threw a shout, how can I find Rada, where she lives, what he does, but the answer have not received. We realized that the guys in the band didn’t communicate much with her. In any case, in constant communication, they were not sure. A few years ago, Parliament disappeared altogether. We thought maybe what happened? With 2015 on it was not heard,” – said one of the fans of the group.

We will remind, group “Banderos” was formed in Moscow in early 2005. In it consisted of Batista (Kirill Petrov), who had to work with many artists of the Russian hip-hop scene, Parliament and Zmijewska Natalia Ibadin, girls, before performing in various musical projects, Igor DMCB, DJ, dancer, and Ruslan, a top dancer breakdance. Perhaps the most famous hits of the group was the song “Columbia pictures is not” and “do Not promise”. Since the founding of the group her music producer, author of music and words, is Alexander Dulov. In 2007, Glad Zmanovskaya left the project “Banderos” because of the pregnancy. Zmanovskaya also acted as Executive producer of the film “Dancing in the desert” (2014), and even called her a business woman. In recent years she lived and worked in the United States.