Glad Zmanovskaya died: cause of death of the singer installed

The famous singer is Pleased Zmanovskaya died a few hours ago. Alarming reports came from the US, where the former lead singer of the popular band “Banderos” arrived recently to visit a friend. Fans still can’t believe the death of the artist.

According to preliminary data, the cause of death Zmanovskiy was bleeding in the brain. A few days of Parliament in a coma after a hemorrhage. Despite the efforts of American medics, the singer died without regaining consciousness. Other details for the current time in the press do not exist.

Currently there is no information about when and where will be held the ceremony of farewell and funeral Happy Zmanovskiy. Relatives of the deceased prefer not to dwell on the tragic news.

Earlier of the death of colleagues in the group spoke the singer Baptista. He admitted that the news was his complete surprise, however, no details he did not know. “I got this info night, but it is not proven”, he said.

After the departure of the singer from team Batista for a long time did not communicate with her. “When we last met, it was in excellent condition and all it was good, but it was long enough. But now it no longer has any bearing on the case”, he concluded.

Glad Zmanovskaya worked in the creative team of “Banderos” since its Foundation. It happened in 2005. But two years later, the girl was forced for personal reasons to leave the band. Zmanovsky fans will always remember as one of the most prominent member of the team. She sang such hits as “do Not promise” and “Columbia pictures is not.”

Happy is the abbreviated name. It completely sounded like Rodica. Nee is her name – Crismaru. Glad graduated from Moscow humanitarian University. During his studies he married a classmate of Alexander Zmievskogo. She was involved in many business projects of her husband. Fluent in French, Spanish, Russian and Ossetian languages.