Glad Zmanovskaya died: a photo biography of the singer from the band “Banderos”

Thursday, September 14, in California (USA) died, the singer is Pleased Zmijewska (real name Rodica Smirnovskaya), ex-soloist of the famous Russian group “Banderos” Close relatives of the singer confirmed the sad news, without specifying details. In a press-service of the team said that the cause of death was a brain hemorrhage.

Before she got to the hospital in a coma. The doctors fought for her life, but today it became known that the Parliament Zmanovskaya died. Reportedly, Happy flew to her friend in California, where it was overtaken and death.

We will remind, group “Banderos” was formed in Moscow in early 2005. In it consisted of Batista (Kirill Petrov), who had to work with many artists of the Russian hip-hop scene, Parliament and Zmijewska Natalia Ibadin, girls, before performing in various musical projects, Igor DMCB, DJ, dancer, and Ruslan, a top dancer breakdance.

Perhaps the most famous hits of the group was the song “Columbia pictures is not” and “do Not promise”. Since the founding of the group her music producer, author of music and words, is Alexander Dulov.

In 2007, Glad Zmanovskaya left the project “Banderos” because of the pregnancy.

Also Glad Zmanovskaya acted as Executive producer of the film “Dancing in the desert” (2014).