Glad Zmanovskaya biography: why died the soloist of the band “Banderos”

The band “Banderos” called the cause of death eks-the soloist of Happy Zmanovskiy. On 14 September, Russian media reported that ex-member of popular Russian band “Banderos” Happy Zmanovskaya died of a brain haemorrhage in the United States.

According to participants of the band “Banderos”, which until 2008 sang Happy official cause of death was a hemorrhagic stroke.

“Departed this life our former lead singer Happy. She was one of the founders of the group. Glad a few days stand between heaven and earth – in a coma. We all kept fingers crossed for her but, unfortunately, doctors were powerless”, – stated in the message of the group in Instagram.

According to the participants, despite their exit from the group is Pleased to maintain cordial friendly relations with members of the “band’eros” and participated in the Affairs of the group. Glad Zmanovskaya left the band due to pregnancy in early 2008.

Recently, she successfully engaged in business. In particular, her name has a number of firms Barber and company for organizing events with the involvement of celebrities. In addition Zmanovskaya also engaged in producing films. In the close environment of the actress explained that she lived and worked in America.

Along with this from the biography of the late singer that in 2014, she served as Executive producer of the film “Dancing in the desert”.