Girlfriend Kate Middleton has died of cancer published a joint photo of the girls in my youth

Isabella of Kennerly for a long time struggled with cancer. However, the tragic day came and the girl died. The new York times reported that a girl in his youth was friends with Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton).

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge recently found a personal Secretary, but he lost a childhood friend who passed away from brain cancer, according to Joinfo.ua citing dailymail.

The injustice of the British law

Journalist, Gonometa Nastya Art found out that Isabella learned of his illness at the age of 34 years. The disease progressed so quickly that within a short period of time the woman was bedridden. Moreover, according to her mother, she had endured terrible pain, could neither eat nor drink. Constantly shouting and back and hips formed a bedsore with an unpleasant odor.

Kennerly often asked for help to leave the light as excruciating pain brought her to an even worse state. However, the law of Britain does not allow anyone, neither to doctors, nor relatives to make these decisions, and that person needs to die a natural death.

You know, now that Isabella’s mother is trying by all means to seek justice the law that in such cases it allows people with a deadly disease to say goodbye to life before a fateful deadline, without experiencing terrible pain.

Kate Middleton in the life of Isabella

The source reports that the current Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Isabella met in 1990. All three of the girls in my youth were members of the tourism society, named in honor of Kate brown. It is noted that girls during their stay in the camp slept in bunk beds together, fed the chickens, collected eggs, helped the farmers to care for the lambs.

Unfortunately, after being in toobserve, Isabella and Kate never met as they enrolled in two different schools. Catherine went to prep school, St Andrew’s, Pangborn and a public school, Marlborough, Isabella, in turn, became a student in elementary school Angelfield and the new York Church. Gabriel.

On this they parted ways.

We will remind, recently Kate Middleton admitted that wants to give birth to a third child, but at the moment this is not possible because she worries that the baby will be left without attention. As for George and Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge said that categorically against the fact that they played computer games.