Girl Prince Harry spoke about racism and identity

The new girlfriend of Prince Harry, which, according to rumors, he even intends to marry, Meghan Markle wrote an essay about their racial identity and how her life was during her growing up.

35-year-old actress openly said that she is proud of her mixed European genes of her father and African American mother’s genes. However, in the life of Megan quite often found it difficult to answer the question of to what nation she belongs to.

Since childhood parents Markle had tried to instill in the girl a sense of exclusivity. Only it was not a different shade of skin and in her talent, good character, commitment, other things. The girl that was happy as long as were not in school.

Once, says Megan, she had to fill in a questionnaire, which was contrary to what they taught her mom and dad: “the Teacher is advised to mention the Caucasian race, based on my appearance, says Megan. But I still didn’t know what to do. I know my mom would be upset if I identified myself solely as “white”. So I put on the form a question mark — it best symbolized how I felt in that moment.”

After a few years, already more adult, Megan found the answer to the question what race. That’s what Markle says about this: “In the end, I made a choice. To continue to flounder in their own racial identification or to find yourself regardless. I prefer to identify myself as a strong woman of mixed race. You create their identity on their own, as my ancestors have created their own, when they were granted freedom”.

Source: hellomagazine.com
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