Girl from Rostov-on-don, calls herself the daughter of Philip Kirkorov

The famous Russian singer Philip Kirkorov has got a new daughter. Some Anna Tarasyuk from Rostov-on-don has stated that he is a child celebrity, but the “dad” contact and in no hurry to recognize her as his daughter.

Recall that the formal Philip two children born to a surrogate mother – son Martin and daughter Alla-Victoria. Anna also wants to be part of their family and even changed his name to Kirkorov. She organized a fan club and directs them parallel to the leading page in social network Instagram.

For the first time Anna met with Philip at his concert in Rostov-on-don, and the moment when she gives a bouquet of flowers to the man she calls his father, was captured. She also gave then a few gifts Kirkorov and even the crown with the inscription “Best dad”. Philip, though a little surprised such a souvenir, but didn’t want to upset the girl even tried on the gift during the concert. This caused Anna great excitement.
To recognize their kinship with Tarasyuk-Kirkorov Philip is in no hurry, though, and considers Anna “brave man”.
“It is quite a brave man, went on to change the destiny. After all, changing the name, changing my life, the code that lies in my initials, and here is how this code would work on another person..” — said Philip in the program of NTV.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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