Gillian Anderson is experiencing mental health problems

Hollywood actress, star of TV series “Secret materials” Gillian Anderson admitted mental disabilities. It turns out that the stars of the screen have a phobia, and this information she decided to share with the fans in an interview with the new issue of the publication The Guardian.

“Sometimes, I felt incredibly miserable. Sometimes I just couldn’t leave the house. I felt incredible fear – I was afraid of what was hiding around the corner, I was afraid of the future, of the unknown” — admitted Gillian. 48-year-old actress recently wrote a Manifesto of “We: A Manifesto For Women Everywhere,” which gave advice to young, and all young maidens.
Gillian told how he struggled with low self-esteem, and won themselves through meditation and therapy, and after a long journey found the same inner joy. Anderson urged not to be afraid of your life and love yourself.
“I can’t sit and mourn the fact that my skin is starting to look like a chicken. This is not reality, it is a struggle with reality. I refuse to follow the pressure of society, I actually feel much better than it might look” — said the actress and mother of three children.

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