Gigi Hadid was too thick to show Tommy Hilfiger

The first outputs Gigi Hadid on the runway wasn’t perfect. For model business the girl was a bit plump and stood out compared to other models. However, hard work in the gym did the trick and the 21-year-old beauty brought her body almost to perfection.

A admired appearance is outstanding, but there are those who consider her overweight.

These people were the team that was working on one of the shows of Tommy Hilfiger.

“Our casting Director said that Gigi is not too good for us, because it is not high enough and thin enough,” says Tom.

“So they decided to put on her poncho that hid most of her body. But despite that, Hadid has received a lot of enthusiastic responses,” added the designer. By the way, Hilfiger says he was opposed to hiding the body of a young model in a poncho and an explanation that the model is insufficiently thin, extremely upset.

By the way, that show was the starting point for cooperation Hadid and Hilfiger in the project TOMMYxGIGI.


Source: aceshowbiz.com
Photo: aceshowbiz.com

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