“Ghost rider” will appear in the popular superhero TV series

“Ghost rider” will appear in the popular superhero TV series

The famous character from the Marvel comics Ghost rider gets a new life. He will appear this fall in the popular superhero series “Agents of shield” – “Know”.

The creators of the series, ABC-TV presented the teaser and the cover of the fourth season of “agents of shield” at Comic Con. Attribute Ghost rider chain fire is decorated with the inscription “Retribution will come in the autumn of this year.” We know the name of the actor who tries on burning suit. They will be American Gabriel Luna, known for the TV series “True detective”.

New character in “Agents of shield” producers has not only raised the famous hero, which is not thought about in a long time, but also added to the series popularity, because last season was not too successful.

Ghost rider got the ability to transform into a fiery man once sold his soul to the demon. In some comics he was an anti-hero, but who exactly it will be in the “Agents of shield” is still unknown.

In 2007 came the film “Ghost rider” with Nicolas cage in the lead role. Five years later, the creators have released a sequel, which turned out to be a disaster with a rating of 4.3 on IMDb.


Source and photo: segodnya.ua