Get Rid Of An Abusive Relationship: This one is not just for you

By | October 28, 2010

Last night I met a very dear pal of mine, looking miserable and deep absorbed in her own world.  Rewinding my memory a bit the images of the day of her marriage still flashed in my mind while the sound of laughter echoed. Everyone was so happy that day and the bride herself seemed to have got a world of her own. But those days are gone and things are not the same anymore. I came to know from her that she is tortured by her so called “loving” husband regularly- both emotionally and physically. The partner getting abusive in a relationship is not anything new. Extreme jealousy, sexual coercion, verbal abuse, lies, threats, withholding emotions, lack of emotions, physical violence are the factors that characterizes abusive relationship. If you are in a relationship where you are getting abused by your partner everyday you should always make attempts to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Abusive relationship becomes worse with time. Emotional as well as verbal abuse changes frequently and takes the form of physical abuse. So if you are still giving your abusive relationship a last thought do not waste your time, the chances of reviving a better one is almost impossible. Most of us believe that getting abused in a relationship means physically ill treated by your partner. But abusive relationship does not restrict its boundaries to physically torture only; it is much above that. Emotional harassment can be even more dangerous.

If your partner does not give you the respect that you deserve or let out your secrets in public that embarrasses you or make fun of your emotions then beware! These are the warning signs of an abusive relationship and you may have finally fallen into the pit.

But still we find people, especially adults, remain stick to their relationship where they face emotional abuse. Their reasons are justified enough but still seem a bit complex to understand at times. Since women are the victims in most cases the reasons can be given importance. Economical dependence is one of the primary causes that most women choose to stay in their abusive relationship. In most cases it is seen that an abusive mother cannot walk out from her troubled relation in fear of a troubled future of her children. Similarly the social values of the society still restrict many women from breaking up a relation. A number of low-self-esteem kind of beliefs give rise to such tolerance and women choose to stick to their relation inspite of the hardships.

This is out to all such women who cannot go against their partner being scared of staying alone in life. Quitting the relation is the most important decision that you have to make and probably the toughest one. Once you have finally decided that you want to walk out of a relationship everything else becomes much easier. But taking the first step in such cases is quite difficult. People often need years to accumulate the courage to break a relation. But you should never lose courage and be confident of facing each obstacles and conquering them all.

Making yourself financially sufficient is one of the concerns of many people. You need money to survive in this real world. So having a job is very necessary to be self sufficient. If you are employed in a full time job try and settle yourself for a part time job. Giving part time lectures or taking classes in a school will save your time as well as give you a standing income if you have the responsibility of your kids. Your earning will ultimately help you to lead a good life and keeping yourself engaged helps you in getting rid of the mental trauma that you have been through.

So if you are tortured by your partner and still cannot reach a decision as to what should be the next step, it is advisable to get rid of such an abusive relationship. Always remember that truthful and loving partners won’t ever let you down. Do not let your confidence down and be strong as far as possible. Loving your partner is very important in a relationship but that does not mean tolerating all his nuisances. Do not worry about losing a partner if he is not worthy of you.

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