Gerard Butler broke up with my girlfriend after two years of relationship

The name Gerard Butler is not often described in the press as we would like his fans. The actor lives in his pleasure, he likes, trying to arrange his personal life. The first two paragraphs can be called quite successful, and the third something went wrong. Butler was another actor who could not withstand the curse this year and also broke up with a sweetheart.

47-year-old Butler and his fiancee Morgan brown met for more than two years, from September 2014, even managed to live together and broke up a few weeks ago, and the last time they were seen together in the summer – when the couple was vacationing in Capri, Italy, in July of this year. The reason for the separation of the pair is not called. How do you think it could be? Perhaps Morgan wanted to take things to the next level, but freedom-loving Butler refused to follow the dream of his lady?

Note that his 47 years, Gerard has never been married.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: womanadvice.ru

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