Georgian icon of the Mother of God

The grace and power of the miraculous face of the virgin is highly revered in Orthodox circles. The power of the Georgian Mother of God icon allows you to heal various physical and mental ailments, and also gives infertile women the long-awaited children.

Orthodox people since ancient times honors the mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Mediatrix of every believer. In front of the icons praying Christians, and the Georgian icon of the Mother of God is no exception. The Holy face is important for Orthodox people. Its fertile consulted by Christians from all over the world in order for yourself to know the power and the great power of the virgin.

History of the icon

The original Georgian icon of the Mother of God appeared to the world in Georgia. But the Persian Empire, headed by the ruler Abbas, he subdued the land of Georgia and taken all the valuables, including the icon. The Holy face was captured in 1622, it was sold Persian merchants and passed from hand to hand.

The Holy face of the Mother of God was found in 1625 by Russian merchant. Stefan Lazarev. He had to pay a huge fortune to divert the icon in the Orthodox Church, where finally ended the persecution of the icon, where it would be met with passionate love in the heart. He ordered to put the Shrine in Krasnogorskiy the virgin Mary Monastery, located in the Arkhangelsk region.

Soon, the icon received great fame for miraculous healing. The monk Pitirim, completely lost sight and hearing, after long and sincere prayers before the virgin’s face was completely healed, and began to see and hear.

Soon the whole of Russia learned about the miraculous healing abilities of the Georgian icon of the Mother of God. Orthodox people from all over the country gathered to pray before the Shrine and get healed. The icon was carried throughout the country to people unable to visit Krasnogorskiy Monastery, was able to pray and to see the sacred icon and to experience his gracious help.

Where is the miraculous image

Unfortunately, a true copy of the icon of the Georgian mother of God was preserved. But there are several lists that are identical to an ancient icon. You can meet them in many Moscow churches, for example, in Alekseevsky female monastery, and also in Kazan. Along with icons, all over Russia there are a huge number of temples and monasteries, named and built in honor of the Georgian icon of the Mother of God.

Description of the icon

Georgian icon of the Mother of God has its characteristic features in the writing. In terms of iconography, the Shrine belongs to the type “Hodegetria” and is very close to the varieties of icons, where is portrayed the silent dialogue of the virgin and Christ child. The image is very reminiscent of the Jerusalem icon of the mother of God.

In the centre of the icon written by the Holy images that take up almost the entire space. The mother of God is depicted to the waist, her head inclined towards the child who sits on her left arm. The Holy infant is depicted on the other hand hand, thus giving the blessed Mother and all people. In the left hand of the Sons of God scroll which is the symbol of the old Testament.

What helps Georgian

Honor lists, which tells us of the grace by the mother of God, recorded in the Church annals and sagas. Currently, the Georgian icon of the Mother of God does not cease to praise his name the wonders. Before the icon pray for healing from the most serious illnesses:

The wonderworking icon of the mother of God will help to cope with various epidemics, plagues and all the diseases of the stomach.
Miraculous icon helps to regain the hearing to the deaf, and sight to the blind.
Virgin is promoting its strength in the fight against cancer, but also eliminates evil forces.

But healing takes every praying before the icon of Georgian, and only those whose prayers were sincere and from the heart.

Date of honoring of the Georgian icon

In 1650, Metropolitan Nikon was the date of the celebration of the miracle-working Georgian icon of the Mother of God — August 22. Since then, every year on this day festive divine service in honor of the Shrine.

Prayer before the miraculous icon

“Before you I bow, o Great Protectress, our mother of God, Mary most Holy! The Queen of heaven, hear our prayers and not leave us without the attention of Its! Believe and glorify Thy name! Before Your way, pray and ask for healing. Yes give us for our sins, and give His blessing! Yes, the Lord will stand behind all our acts are impure! Yes, give us strength, heal the soul and our body! Deliver us from suffering and disease on earth! Yes there will be peace in our land and in our country! Just before Your image of the prayers of indulge and only You can help! Yes, we will achieve Your support and Your blessings! In the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. And forevermore! Amen.”

Only the careful hand of the Lord will cover you in moments of suffering and hard trials of fate. Not stesnyaytes to contact the Creator for any Council. Because love knows no bounds and He listens to every request coming from the heart. And therefore called in the aid of the people of guardian angels and all the saints. We wish you peace in your soul. Be happy