George Clooney will leave a career after having children

Hollywood actor George Clooney, which will be the first father and not just father but a dad, puts his priorities. Now his film career in the first place – dominates his family and children. It is known that Amal Alamuddin, spouse Clooney, pregnant with twins, and after birth, even with the presence of numerous relatives and babysitters will have a hard time. But George was not discouraged, moreover, he insists to spend more time with family, which means that his career, even temporarily, he gives up.

The couple have already made an official statement confirming the pregnancy and telling the world that their twins will be born in June this year. Now George and Amal are remodeling their London estate of the seventeenth century, nine bedrooms of which must meet the security requirements.
As it became known, Amal plans to be on maternity leave as other British women, only six months, after which it will return to its work. George believes that long-deserved maternity leave. The man will look after their children as much as you need and as you want his soul.
“George was not even considering a new role and offers. Instead, he is going to focus on producing and pot productions. This kind of activity he can do and from England, with their children the maximum attention. Amal delighted with this decision George and make a happy wife is very important to him. It will be a wonderful father,” said the insider.

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