George Clooney sheltered survivors of the attack of militants of the refugee

Hollywood actor George Clooney admitted that he sheltered a refugee from Iraq who managed to survive the attacks of the militants of the IG*(banned in Russia organization for the decision of the Supreme Court).


The famous actor told reporters that he and his wife Amalia didn’t even hesitate to lend a helping hand to an Iraqi refugee. They put him in their home in Augusta, Kentucky. When this celebrity couple has promoted the fact that it got here a decent education. He is now studying at the University of Chicago.

Clooney said that a refugee had to take the bus to Mosul. They were attacked by terrorists. They shot two drivers and began to threaten that will kill anyone who goes to the city to study.

That day he managed to survive, touched by the fate of refugees, says Clooney. The guy decided to go to America. Arriving in the States, it has passed all the tests, and he was allowed to stay in the country. Then the actor has offered to help him start over. He was given the opportunity to live in normal conditions and to learn. The Iraqis refused to support.

Earlier it was reported that Poland is ready to defend itself from the influx imposed by the European Union refugees, considering that they constitute a threat to national security.

* – The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court