George Clooney has denied the information about the daughter and the son

Hollywood actor George Clooney, he’s the future father of twins Amal Alamuddin, gave an interview to French publication Paris Match, which told about the changes that children have brought into his life. The parents have become more cautious and dream to see their children whom, by the way, is still unknown.

Last week, the mother of George enthusiastically blabbed to reporters about the field of children allegedly Amal is carrying a boy and a girl, but Clooney has denied this information.
“I don’t know where these rumors about the boy and the girl. In fact, we do not yet know the sex of the children, and I want it to be a surprise” said the future father.
Pregnancy Amal is forced to slow down his career as an international lawyer. As you know, Alamuddin protects human rights and they are violated, as a rule, in countries where, to put it mildly, unsafe.
“We have become more responsible. I’m not going to go to southern Sudan and the Congo, and Amal will not ride and Iran and other places where she was not too happy. Before I didn’t care about security, I even considered their trip an exciting adventure, but that all changed with pregnancy Amal” — said George.
While the family of celebrities living in three countries: in the United States. England and Italy, and each of them have a spouse a house. So will continue as long as the twins will grow up to school age. Then the parents to determine the education of their children and settled in one place.
“Many people think that Amal is practically not seen, but it’s not. We’re not breaking up more than a week,” George said.
Earlier, Clooney expressed the willingness to interrupt a career and devote herself to her children, while Alamuddin was going to go to work six months after childbirth.

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