Gavin Rossdale still thinks Gwen Stefani an incredible woman

Too late to regret. Former husband of American singer Gwen Stefani and father of her three children, Gavin Rossdale said in a recent interview about her feelings towards ex-wife and their unwillingness to divorce her.

Recall that the couple divorced a year and a half ago after Gwen found out about the affair of her husband with the nanny of their children Mandy Mann. As it turned out, their affair lasted when Stephanie was pregnant with their third child. Gwen was crushed by the news, and from a deep depression after her divorce, she claims, pulled music and a new relationship with a colleague Blake Shelton. In numerous interviews, the woman repeatedly touched on this difficult topic, but Gavin remained silent and ignored the journalists ‘ questions. Now he wanted to tell his story.

“I didn’t want the divorce, but it so happened that it became inevitable. I believe that, like death, divorce is one of the most incredibly difficult trials in a person’s life. Of course, I can no longer change my life and I can only regret my actions. The reality is that sometimes it is very difficult to change something” said Rossdale.
And then Gavin spoke and stated that twenty years of life spent with Gwen, he never would have changed.
“Twenty years, spent with Gwen is something incredible, and it’s for life. I still think Gwen is an incredible woman. We have three wonderful sons, we had a lot of positive things, and many things will be only more obvious. Our unconditional love was very strong, this is the biggest gift in my life. Our children are kind, sympathetic, interesting. They’re the cool guys! We care about them and work hard to make the changes in Gwen’s personal life has touched them as little as possible” — said Gavin.
While Rossdale is focused on the education of their children, his personal life pales into insignificance. Unlike Gwen, which, according to rumors, is preparing a new wedding with Blake, Gavin is in no hurry to make new novels.
“I don’t have personal life, although my sons think I should find a girlfriend” — said Gavin.

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