Game of thrones: what is it made of fur capes characters

The series “Game of thrones” captivates with its story and stunning picture. Apparel of the characters made me think of the society of defenders of animals.

According to the story of the most popular series of our time, “Game of thrones” every season, collects the pen screens more and more fans. Screens out season 7 favorite series .

As the journalist notes, Pointmedia Juliana Ulitkino, coats and capes of fur are very much interested in the society of defenders of animals.

What coat?

The representatives of the societies asked questions how much had to kill innocent animals to beloved characters of the series have been dressed in such coats.

Is to say, the answer surprised them. And you think what is sewn capes Jon snow and the night’s watch?

Artist costume designer of the series, not hiding the truth, could tell a terrible secret these coats and capes. As it turned out, the IKEA store, the creators of the Saga purchase synthetic carpets only £ 10. Surprised?

We found out that after some transformations and staining carpets are black in color, and can be used during filming.

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