Gagarin and Irina appeared on the “New Wave” with open neckline

Guests of the song contest “New wave” continue to surprise fans by appearing on the red carpet in rather revealing costumes. So, the singer Polina Gagarina has released in a white long dress with a deep neckline on the breast, but not shocking she lost 65-year-old Irina Allegrova, which put on the event motley dress that emphasizes the bust.


It is worth noting that the star of the ‘ 80s rarely appears in public. Two years earlier, she announced the final culmination of the tour activities, but later returned to the stage, though not spoils his fans with regular performances. “New Wave” she came at the invitation of his longtime friend, producer Igor Krutoy.

And yet the audience was more surprised by Polina Gagarina. 30-year-old singer recently became a mother, but brought his body to the tone than how she had noticed insanely proud of.

By the way, on the opening day of competition was surprising frankness not only the representatives of music. So, with a rather daring neckline before the cameras appeared designer Bella Potemkin. The fashion designer appeared in public in evening dress from their new collection.